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Jared Ryan meets Ryan John

Posted on June 9 2012 in Facebook

Dear Jared Ryan,

I can't wait for the day when you ask me, "Mom, how did I get my name?" It'll be the day when you'll get to know your uncle. As for your first name, you'll have to ask Dad, that's a totally different story. It's actually very interesting. It won't bore you, I promise! ;-)

It's unfortunate that you won't ever get to meet your uncle in person. He's on a life-long trip with Jesus. You see son, your uncle was an adventurer by heart. He loved to try new things & explore new places. Did I mention he was a nature lover too? I think that's how I became a hippie by heart. :-) Don't google hippie. The definitions provided online are so overrated. I'll explain it to you some other time. ;-)

When you're old enough to ride a bike, you're uncle would prolly show off his daredevil tricks to you. In which I'd prolly have a heart attack if you ever attempt to imitate it. Don't even think about it buddy! If you don't want to be grounded for the rest of your puberty. But, if you can imitate how your uncle saved most of his allowance & assembled his bike all by himself, then by all means please do, son. :-)

When you get home from your first day of school & you'll have all sorts of stories, he'll tell you his own story on his first day in first grade. He got home with a black eye & his school uniform, dirty & torn up. He was adamant that he only stood up for himself against injustice & infliction. Son, I am all for freedom & individualism but absolutely not violence. I definitely don't want to be called in by your school principal. They are the scariest people in the planet. Next to the boogeyman. ;-p Not cool! It isn't at all hippie-like. Again, please do not google the word. :-)

When you'd wanna learn a sport, and you're choice of sport is baseball, he'd prolly show you his tiny scar on his lower lip where he had to be rushed to the emergency room for some stitches. He played baseball on his 5th grade. He & a teammate bumped into each other while trying to catch the same ball. Don't laugh. It was very scary. But surprisingly, when your uncle went home from the hospital, he was all smiles. Showing off his stitches, yet again. OK. Maybe it's a little funny. :-)

And if you'll develop an interest for nature & camping, he'll tell you that sustenance is of utmost significance. Even if it means drinking & cooking rice with water that's full of bat droppings, from a cave where they had to spend the night since it was already getting too dark. This is yet one of his "survival" methods. Please be smart enough to know the difference between survival and sanitary. ;-)

So you see Jared, when people ask you of your second name, say it with pride & with the biggest smile. Did I mention your uncle had a killer smile? Forgive me if mom cries by this time, know that it is only because she misses your uncle so much. And regrets that you & ate Sam won't hear wonderful stories from him. But still, learn a lot from him, be inspired by his vigor, free-spirit & enthusiasm to live life to the fullest. And most importantly, take comfort that he will always look after the both of you. Always. :-)


Ryan John J. Legaspi
October 14, 1982 - June 9, 2007

Posted by jdsulit 21:06 Archived in Philippines

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